The 2010 Community Wish Project is Alaina's Auction

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 Wish Calendar | Maryland Charity Photographer

I wanted to post a quick update on the results of the 2009 Wish Calendar and the donation recently made to Hope Alive!

We ended up donating $2010 to Hope Alive this past week. This is the first donation made to them from the project. There are still calendars available and a few left at various retailers in and around Frederick so you still have an opportunity to pick one up and donate to Hope Alive.

It was a great community effort! People and businesses were very generous, not just participating in the calendar production, but in helping to sell them and donating their time to make it a success, just for their love of children! I was amazed by the generosity of people who purchased calendars for 3 or 4 times the asking price because they wanted to help out with the cause, especially in these hard economic times.

I was so excited to be able to present a check to Hope Alive, I know this funds are going to a wonderful organization that will use it to better woman and children in our own community. I'm excited over the possibilities for the next years' project since this one has been such a success.

I hope you all have gotten your own copy of the 2009 calendar - if not, please let me know! Thank you for all of your efforts to help the project along!!

hope alive donation
Laurel Will, Hope Alive, Children’s Ministry Manager, and a resident of Hope Alive. Taken in the Child Development Center